You are the light that fights off my blight,
When things are wrong you make them right,
You save me from the darkest of all my nights.

Through thick or thin we have been,
Through heaven or hell we will go,
If all we do is sin, I want you by my side then,
To my leg you would be my shin,
Without you I could not stand again.

The love we share is like a painting,
You are such a saint,
When around you I feel faint.

With you my body begins to quake,
Like the taste of sweet cake,
Your presence brings the taste of a great ache,
A yearning that I give my soul to take.

I love you

Writer's Block: I'm the Boss
What would you do with an army of minions who would do whatever you tell them?

I would do what I do every night Pinky..........TRY TO TAKE OVER THE WORLD!!!!!!!!!!

Writer's Block: Touch-Screen Pros & Cons
How could touch-screen technology enhance the way you currently use your PC? How could it make things worse?

 If all computer manufacturers started to use the technology then I would probably quit using them.LOL Although I am young, I am kind of "old school", which presents the problem. If I had to say anything about it I would say that it would be interesting for the first 30 mins or so and people would be wanting their keyboards and mice back. Touch-screen technology is great for certain programs such as multimedia programs, but would be a nuisance with other aspects such as internet, email, office uses, gaming, and a few others. I am just on the line with it really but would prefer to stick with my trusty mouse and keyboard.

NBC's Merlin Series.
Hello everyone,

  I was browsing the internet recently and came across a television series. It was "Merlin"!  At first I didn't think that I would like it because it seemed to be a bit different from all the other books and movies I have seen about Merlin. Yet, I watched one of the episodes. To my astonishment, I really liked it. Now I am on a quest to keep it aired on the T.V. network N.B.C. I have notice a more keen interest in fantasy lately from the network. They also have another series out called "Heroes" that is of a Sci-Fi / Fantasy genre. Anyways back to "Merlin", The series takes place with both Arthur and Merlin in their later teens. Arthur is always finding new ways to get in trouble, and Merlin is always finding ways to save him. Their friendship grows throughout the series, and the characters are depicted very well. The cast is great for what the show is about and the special effects are GREAT! They include quite a bit of mythological animals and people.

Anyways it is a great show, anyone that reads this should at least give it a shot and check it out.


Writer's Block: Thanks to Technology…
What are some things you can do today because of technology that you couldn't do five years ago?
Well one thing I can do now that I didn't  do all that much five years ago is curse alot at people who are text messaging and trying to drive.;)


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